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We're now located at 241 First Avenue (Highway 25 East) in Rivers, Manitoba. See us for "antique, curiosities, and more." Our hours have also changed. We're open Tuesday to Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. See you soon!

... with an old metal ironing board?

the craft begins absolutely wins the prize for cleverness ... an old metal ironing board transformed into a magnet message board and more!

her story about obtaining this family heirloom is heartwarming ... read her story here!

... with vintage bow ties?

need i say more?

this has created such a pleasing look in my shop ~ and my customers love it!

... with an old ornate frame?

Ok ... before you put that old ornate frame in the yard sale ... maybe you should take a look at this uplifting transition!

Isn't that great?  I especially love the green ribbon. To keep your frame secure, you may want to fasten it to the wall, and have the ribbon simply as effect. This idea is the crafty Monica's at CraftyNest ... via non other than design*sponge.

There's a great old frame in my shop just begging to be freshened up ... best get out the paint!

...with more cloches?

Oh my gosh-----arent these great!!
I found these and more at the amazing
Lisa Porter Collection.

... with cloches?

First off, if you are like me, I had to look up what the dictionary meaning of the word 'cloche':

cloche   | klo sh |

a small translucent covering for protecting or forcing outdoor plants. 
(also cloche hat) a woman's close fitting bell-shaped hat
ORIGIN late 19th century: from French, literally "bell" (see cloak)

But creative Lanette at Cottage Elements has taken these beautiful pieces to another level with these wonderful ideas! 

I LOVE how she had incorporated vintage this and that ... like the classic brown glass door knob as a flower vase in the first photo.  The old colanders as bases in the second photo. The old machinery disc as a fruit bowl ~ clever and oh so attractive! The scales in the next image .... and I left my favourite til last ... the soaps and vintage hair tool ~ a lovely display for your vanity.

Oh! And Lanette doesn't use the typical cloche as a cloche ... she uses any clear glass vessel as a way to display what is underneath ... you really should check out Cottage Elements for inspiration.

... with Mother Earth?

Take very good care of her, of course!